Monday, October 13, 2008

A change of blog

just in casesome of you have been looking at this site, we changed a few months ago.
the new site is at

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Monday, August 25, 2008

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Week One

Wednesday,23rd, 2008
Departure Day
Finally, everything sort of in place, the house cleaned and packed away, the car sorted and the trailer hooked up. The boys are excited about getting away, the weather is not that good, a strong head wind..just what I wanted. We made it. Gone!

Day one, just short of Mount Magnet.

Week one gone
Seems like we left Perth a long time ago.
Travelling through Meekatharra, on our way north we seem to be passing a few vehicles heading south that look very red. We stopped at Newman for a few nights so we could sort out the trailer a bit better. Whilst there, we revisited a few places from previous trips, It will be interesting to later compare the photos. Last time the boys could sit under this truck. A quick trip out to Kalgan Pool for a freezing swim was one of the highlights.

From Newman we headed for Nullagine and Skull Springs Rd. This took us out through some amazing country, hard to imagine anyone wanting to live out here let alone searchig for gold. Westopped to take a lok at a few of te old mines. We camped on the edge of a creek and the boys took off on their bikes riding. In the morning they rode off down the road radios in hand to see how far they could go before we caught them. Two creek crossings, several very large hills, and a lot of rocky road later, we got them. Cant believe they got that far.

Skull Creek road took us through to Carawine Gorge, an amazing place, sandy river bed, towering trees, high red cliffs and green water. We stayed here for a few days. Deb ran out of wine (had to go).
The boys continued their explorations and found their way to the top of one of the messa’s that are around the area- this time the had water. Sorry Jen (Ms Smith )i forgot to take out Garfield.

From here we travelled through to Marble Bar,checked out Chinaman’s Pool and the Bar. Into port Headand and straight up to Cape Karrenden for the night. The smell of salt air was a very nice change. Pity we still had5 hours to Broome.

We arrived on Thursday and are here till the 6th. August., hot and sunny, very busy. Staying at Cable Beach Caravan Park, it’s a bit like Bali with the smells. He pool is huge. Things to do whilst here, oil change, trailer bearings to check, from here we go up to Derby and the Gibb River Rd. Maybe catch a Froggy in a white Patrol on the way.
To the 6/7 class at Lake Monger, keep working hard, and drop me an email if you like.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The night Before

It was the night before departure and as all perfect plans go we are still organising... and finishing off.
The good thing though is the computer and GPS finally started to read each other, just a usefull thing to happen. As for making everythig fit in.... well a lot of it will disapear over the next few days as consumption takes it toll.
To ALL those who have helped out in getting us out of Perth, a huge thanks. To those in the West Coast 4x4, enjoy the trips, Froggy, we may see you on the road, enjoy the northern sunshine and thanks for the laptop setup!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

5 Days To Go

With only 5 days till our ETD, there is so much to do.

The car is ready, radios, fridges, wiring for the dual batteries, roof racks, bags, solar panels (now theres a fun item , 2 BP panels 120w output, should keep the batteries and fridges running). The camper, a Camprite TL8s, is just waiting. The bike rack arrived yesterdayand fits a treat, thanks Matt.

The house is lookng like a bomb site boxes everywhere as the last minute packing of the house is done, a shipping container holds everything.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You should have turned North at the last track!!

We are getting ready to go off around Australia. Back seat drivers we will not be, but ...are we there yet. Do you know where we are? Whats for lunch? Do we have to do school work?

Before we start.